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Bombette Lead and Raglou - Rig 28 Amato

Bombette Lead and Raglou - Lure Fishing Rig 28 Amato - 100% Fluorcarbon - Perfect for seabass, mackerel, pollack, small tuna and all predators

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Throwing and retrieving a bait in search of the attack of some predatory fish is what you would like to do? The fishing rig with raglou, to combine with a bombette, is what it could do for you, to accompany you in funny and lively fishing. Rig 28 by Amato is made of fluorcarbon and raglou (a small eel) with an appropriate hook.

Watch this rig while it is used to fish small tuna:


Watch another video whose line 28 is used from the ground to launch and catch sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax):


Each fishing rigis made using 100% fluorcarbon line, which offers maximum transparency in water.

A swivel ensures the unloading of twists and a perfect eel swimming.

Available in different combinations that take into account the length of the terminal, the diameter of the line and the size of the artificial bait.

This fishing rig is made according to the instructions of Matthieu Amato, Italian Marine Fishing Champion.

All Amato fishing rigs are handmade in Italy following the highest construction standards.

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