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Striker Amato

Multiplier fishing reels at top level. Built in Italy. Very tough. Buy now Striker Amato and you will receive it at your home, well packed. We will be available to follow the shipment with you.

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In this family of reels you will always find what will offer you the best value for money for fishing from the boat. From the smallest 8-20 pounds to the largest 40-100 pounds, the Amato-branded Strikers allow you to tackle many techniques such as: coastal trolling, inchiku, sunken trolling, top shot, classic drifting and offshore trolling.
Handcrafted in Italy, each component of these tools is made of materials chosen by the Amato brand to give you the highest degree of reliability.

In the table of technical characteristics of the series you can compare many interesting data:

Model Code Line capacity PE capacity Ratio Weight (g) Bearings Max Drag
Striker 8 – 20 strk8-20 600m 8lbs - 290m 20lbs 400m PE3 1 : 6,2 680 5 + 1 Antiritorno 32 Lbs
Striker 16 – 30 strk16-30 500m 16lbs – 350m 30lbs 400m PE8 1 : 4,8 820 5 + 1 Antiritorno 40 Lbs
Striker 25 – 50 strk25-50 680m 30lbs – 390m 50lbs 700m PE12 1 : 3,7 1340 6 50 Lbs
Striker 40 – 100 strk40-100 1200m 40lbs – 500m 100lbs 1100m PE20 1 : 2,9 1840 6 66 Lbs


Guaranteed products

Like all Amato products, even the Strikers are guaranteed for 12 months from any manufacturing defect. Following the expiration of this warranty, however, it will always be possible to send the Striker reels to the manufacturer (Italy) if the owner requires a revision (an additional service really appreciable).



  • advantageous quality / price ratio
  • mechanical parts in stainless steel
  • chassis and cheek of anodised aluminum
  • recovery reports calibrated on fishing uses
  • shielded bearings
  • multi-disc steel / carbon clutch

Which fishing techniques are the most suitable for the various models?

Even if the limit of use of a reel is always given by the fisherman who uses it, here are the most common fishing techniques suitable for each model.

Striker 8 - 20 Lbs Amato: coastal trolling; trolling with live bait; slow pitch; bolentino live; squid; inchiku and other vertical techniques;

Striker 16 - 30 Lbs Amato: trolling with live bait; offshore trolling; medium drifting; top shot; live kab; bolentino at high depths; inchiku and other vertical techniques;

Striker 25 - 50 Lbs Amato: top shot; offshore trolling; medium drifting; drifting with tuna;

Striker 40 - 100 Lbs Amato: dritfing; offshore trolling;