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Cappellino Go Fishing Hotspot Design

Cappellino Go Fishing Hotspot Design - UNISEX - TAGLIA UNICA

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Cap Go Fishing,  front panel and visor in black color and sides and rear part in camouflage (night camo color), 100% cotton, one size fits all.

Cap front: on the right side text “GO” embroidered in 3d with light blue thread. From the GO text starts an embroidered fishing line in 3d light blue color who arrives on the visor and who ends with a stylized hook. On the left side text “Fishing” embroidered in light blue and text “Angler’s mind” embroidered in anthracite color, the stylized HOTSPOT eye logo embroidered in 3d anthracite color thread.

Visor:  visor with irregular cuts with bottom fabric in camouflage night camo color and distressed borders on the cuts. Fishing line and stylized hook in 3d embroidery light blue color arriving in the center of the visor.

Left side:  patch with embroidered logo Hotspot Design.

Rear part: in self fabric with metal buckle to adjust the cap circumference. On the tape logo Hotspot Design embroidered.