Carpfishing Rods

Carpfishing rods

Carpfishing does not refer to any fishing method for carp. Carpfishing is a modern, technologic fishing, which aims to catch the largest carp specimens. The carpfishing main feature is the use of boilies as carp baits, by means of a “hair rig”. Fishing for big carp is a global fishing technique, becoming more and more common among european, american and south african fishermen. The respect for the prey, by means of total catch and release, is the phylosophical basis of this fishing technique.

Carpfishing rods: two sections, three pieces or telescopic rods?

The favourite rods of experienced carpfishers are two-section.Three-piece and telescopic rods also exist and many people appreciate their smaller size. Beyond the building material quality, it is necessary to consider their action and length. These important measures are usually expressed in british units of measurement. A carpfishing rod casting weight is usually reported in pounds and ounces, though sometimes in grams too. It is good to know, for example, that 3 pounds are equivalent to 1.360 kg. The rod length will usually be reported in feet and inches, although in some cases it may be given in meters and centimeters. It is good to know, for example, that a 13-feet rod measures 3.96 meters. Action and length are two features you need to evaluate, knowing what kind of carpfishing you may practice more often, namely by boat or from the shore.

Offers on carpfishing rods

If you need to clear a doubt about a rod or more fishing rods, ask us. Our task is to help you choose a fishing rod, and we are happy to do so. We will ship the fishing rod well packaged. The shipping will be fast. You can always count on us to let you know where your shipped stuff is, until the carrier delivers you your new fishing rod: the rod that will definitely give you pleasure and make you spend beautiful fishing trips with the technique you prefer.

Carpfishing rods

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