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Fishy fishing tackles: rods and reels for angling

Each product is created following our guidelines from the best factories on the planet. The result must be that rod, that reel with which we would fish (and indeed we fish), so a product that makes you feel pleasant sensations and that is always characterized by high quality.

History of Amato

Developing the best products for fishing is our passion. We are Pesca Fishing Shop and we relied on Matthieu Amato, the Italian Sea Fishing Champion, to develop the most suitable equipment for the main fishing techniques at sea. Spinning fishing, surfcasting, land and boat fishing are just the main ways to fish, which Amato explains in his articles and videos.

Matthieu Amato, passionate about fishing, author, international garista has always had curiosity and passion for the equipment; and in building fishing terminals.

Amato's goal is very simply to give you the equipment with which to draw him, the best for the relationship between quality and price. Fishing with the right things is essential for not having bad surprises and for having fun.

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