Fly Fishing Rods

Fly-fishing rods

Fly fishing is a really unique technique, even for its tackle. The goal is to cast an insect imitation (“fly”) by a specialized weighted line. It is sometimes hard to understand which fly-fishing rod is the best for casting a certain kind of fly and line.

Rods for fly fishing

If you are going to buy a fly-fishing rod and you already know what you are looking for, good for you! Otherwise, if you want to start with fly fishing or you just need some advice, you’d better assess different options before buying a fly-fishing rod, depending on which fish you want to catch, where you want to go fishing. Depending on which line weight you want to pair with your rod, you have to consider the AFTMA fly-line standard indicated on the rod or in the catalog. The line choice depends both on the kind of fly and on the casting distance. Then you can start thinking about the length of your new fly-fishing rod. For fishing in small streams, an 8-foot rod is ok, whereas for large rivers, long 10-foot rods are best. Then you can assess the rod action. The action of a rod is determined by where a rod flexes along the blank. Fast rods flex mostly near the tip. Moderate-action rods flex more near the middle of the blank.  Slow-action rods flex mostly into the butt section. The action of a rod depends on the material. A good casting action needs good carbon fibers and modulus not too high, in order to make the rod work at best and preserve its characteristics. We at Pesca Fishing Shop remain at your disposal to help you choose, if you need it. Regarding the building materials, for many years the treatment of carbon fibers has allowed to reach levels of extreme lightness, though this is not the only essential point, as the rod action is fundamental in fly fishing.

Fly-fishing rods

Every fly-fishing rod you can find on Pesca Fishing Shop goes with its description and technical features to help you evaluate it. If, in addition to the fishing method, to the length and weight, there were any missing info you may need or you would like to know, please do not hesitate to contact us at If you are approaching to fly fishing we recommend you an model by Alcedo which is characterized by an excellent value for money even though it was designed to combine efficiency and ease of use. It is suitable for most fishing situations. We want you to be able to understand if the fly-fishing rod you're looking at is best e.g. for dry-fly fishing, or if it is suitable to the line you want to use. The possibilities are many and we want you to always be happy with your purchase on Pesca Fishing Shop. If you cannot find a rod you think should be on the Pesca Fishing Shop catalog, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for it (preferably indicating the product code).

Offers on fly-fishing rods

If you need to clear a doubt about a rod or more fishing rods, ask us. Our task is to help you choose a fishing rod, and we are happy to do so. We will ship the fishing rod well packaged. The shipping will be fast. You can always count on us to let you know where your shipped stuff is, until the carrier delivers you your new fishing rod: the rod that will definitely give you pleasure and make you spend beautiful fishing trips with the technique you prefer.

Fly-fishing rods

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