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If you are looking for trolling reels, you are on the right section of Pesca Fishing Shop. Here’s the selection of revolving-spool reels for all types of trolling and for every predatory fish.

Trolling reels: what do you need to fish with trolling baits from the boat? The choice of the reel depends on the fishing zone you are going to and on the kind of baits you are tempting the predatory fish with. On this section of our website we have selected for you the trolling reels made by successful brands, ranging from the multinational company to the Italian craftsman, pride of the production made in Italy, especially in this fishing technique, and just for this reason we have chosen these makers as partners of Pesca Fishing Shop. Each reel has been tested for a long time by the maker and afterwards included by us in the category of the most reliable reels for trolling. The description we give of all items, including the technical peculiarities, will help you choose your reel or reels, which will be essential to practise trolling in the best way, waiting for the fish you long for. False albacore, dorado, bonito, bluefish, seabass, frigate tuna, but even pike and asp, if you practice trolling in freshwater: each fish, each context requires a different reel: different in size, capacity, technical peculiarities, such as the lever-drag regulation. If for trolling with living bait to catch dentex, the 20 and 30 pound reels are very appreciated, to tempt bluefish, many anglers apply to smaller ones, e.g. 8 or 12 pound reels. We wish you to be satisfied with the reel you are going to buy, therefore don’t hesitate to contact us, by writing to, either to clear up your doubts or to ask us for advice about your purchase. Together with the trolling reels, maybe you like to buy the trolling fishing rods too. In this case visit the page of the web site “Combo trolling rod and reel”. On this page you will find the right matching of trolling fishing rod and trolling reel in order to let you have a perfect result. Have a good shopping at Pesca Fishing Shop!

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