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Surfcasting fishing reels: models of all sizes, having the best value for money. The selection of surfcasting fishing reels tested and reliable, suitable for fishing from the seashore.

Welcome to the section of Pesca Fishing Shop dedicated to the reels for surfcasting, the fishing technique in which the line is casted over the breaking waves. Surcasting needs salinity-resistant reels, able to help the angler cast the baited hook over the breaking waves, often very far from the beach, using different cast styles, e.g. “above”, ”side”, “ground”, “pendulum”. According to the type of its mechanics (fixed spool or revolving spool) and its size, a reel can be either more suitable for a very heavy line (even 250 gr.) or more suitable for a less heavy line (usually called mediterranean surfcasting). We wish you to be always satisfied with the reel that you buy on Pesca Fishing Shop, for this reason, through the description and technical specifications published on the card of each of our surfcasting reels, we want to help you get acquainted with all reels. You may compare the various reels and choose the one you like best, so we’ll send it to your address. If, in addition to reels, you want to purchase “Surfcasting fishing rods”, please visit the page “Combo surfcasting rod and reel”. Here you can find our proposals for a perfectly balanced matching of surfcasting fishing rod and reel. Have a good shopping! We are waiting for your buying order.

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