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Honor LSR Ryobi Tubertini: features, prices, warranty, useful information, video of this reel. 2 models of Honor LSR: 5500 and 6500. Puti in your cart PescaFishingShop.com

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The new Honor LSR Tubertini reels are beautiful, powerful, reliable and above all light.

Just the lightness has been one of the "winning weapons" of Honor LSR since their presentation, just think that the largest model of the two, namely the 6500, comes to stop the scale at less than a pound: only 490 grams. The reason of such lightness lies in the material used for the body of the tool: an exclusive material from Tubertini, of which we speak a few lines below.

But first you must know that there are 2 models of Honor LSR: 5500 and 6500. The essential difference lies in the dimensions. As you imagine the 5500 is slightly smaller than the 6500. Here are the technical data you can compare:






gear ratio

line capacity



495 g

25lb (12k g)



Ø 0,265/200 m



498 g

25lb (12k g)



Ø 0,300/200 m

We send it to you at Pesca Fishing Shop. As with all Tubertini equipment, delivery takes place in about ten days and we are always available to inform you about the status of your order.


Watch the video presentation of this family of reels:



Reel used by Tubertini experts of surf casting and boat fishing, this model has already been featured in several fishing videos. We offer you a couple of sequels. In Tubertini they told us that it is the result of a development work that has lasted for a long time.

The Honor were also the first reels made entirely of R18 carbon, to guarantee reduced weight at the limit. This is probably the most important secret and what has made them famous throughout Europe.

Both models mount 7 + 1 bearings to ensure excellent smoothness during recovery and capture.

Regarding the Terms of Guarantee, you must know that the Tubertini company offers warranty on all its products.

Thanks to their three characteristics of form, weight and reliability, they are designed to satisfy the most demanding surfcasting anglers and more.


Do you want to see this reel while it is being used? Here is a fishing video from the beach where Alessandro Amicabile and other Tubertini sponsored fishermen also use the Honor LSR Ryobi: