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Jigging and inchiku are among the most popular vertical-fishing methods included in this fishing rod subcathegory on Pesca Fishing Shop. In this subcathegory, however, you will not only find jigging and inchiku fishing rods, but any fishing rods for vertical fishing with natural, artificial, or mixed baits (rigs with artificial plus natural bait). These vertical fishing techniques are many and often are confused with each other depending on lure kind and weight. The most popular vertical fishing techniques are inchiku fishing, vertical jigging, slow pitch, tenya fishing, kabura fishing, softbait with large jig heads and “live kab” (also called fishing with maneuvered octopus). No rod can perform at its best all vertical fishing techniques, but there are many really good rods. On Pesca Fishing Shop you will find for example the rod PESCAFISHING Tuna Strike, very powerful and able to practice most vertical fishing techniques aming to big fishes; then you can find many specific fishing rods for the various techniques, and that's why we at Fishing Shop Fishing remain at your disposal to help you choose.

Fishing rods for saltwater vertical techniques

Depending on the lure you want to use, on the sea bottom features and the fishes you aim to catch, you can choose longer or shorter, faster- or slower-action rod. Inchiku rods, for instance, are typically thin and soft. Some are to be coupled with a revolving-spool reel, others with a traditional reel. A common mistake is to put a traditional, fixed-spool reel on a rod designed for a revolving-spool reel: this does not allow to fish at best. Vertical jigging rods are usually shorter than 1.90 meters (6’2”) not to get tired due to the “jigging” action. Light jigging rods may be lighter: they are becoming more and more commong amog italian anglers who usually fish small 40-60 grams jigs.

Vertical fishing rods

All saltwater fishing rods you find on Pesca Fishing Shop goes with its own feature description that will help you choose the best for you. If there should be any missing info you need, don’t exitate and contact us at We want you to clear any doubts about the rod you’re looking for.

If you need to clear a doubt about a rod or more fishing rods, ask us. Our task is to help you choose a fishing rod, and we are happy to do so. We will ship the fishing rod well packaged. The shipping will be fast. You can always count on us to let you know where your shipped stuff is, until the carrier delivers you your new fishing rod: the rod that will definitely give you pleasure and make you spend beautiful fishing trips with the technique you prefer.

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