Eging Reels

Eging reels: accuracy and multiplicity in our selection of reels to catch squid, cuttlefish and other cephalopods by the eging technique, this speciality of shore spinning, which is more and more popular.

Eging, a strong passion involving so many anglers in all Italian seas. Squid, cuttlefish and even octpus fishing from the seashore is more and more practiced. For a correct squid and cuttlefish fishing we have chosen for you the reels having right peculiarities to succeed in eging, as well as being suitable, as regards both their size and their robustness, for many uses at sea. The beauty of eging is in finding squids where they swim for catching their preys. Cephalopods are aggressive predators and can give us lots of fun, not only at night. If we want to fish properly, we need a precise and flexible, saltwater reel. If you also have to buy a fishing rod for your next eging fishing excursions, please visit the section “Eging rods” (click on the link). If you need our help to understand which can be the right matching between fishing rods and reels, visit the section we have created just for this reason: “Combo eging rod and reel”. Our advice is also to buy some spools of “Transparent nylon super” line for eging. Have a good shopping!

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