Beach Ledgering Rods

Beach ledgering fishing rods

Beach ledgering is bottom fishing from the beach. Beach ledgering fishing is different from surfcasting, as the tackle is much lighter and sensitive.

Telescopic or multi-piece beach ledgering fishing rods

Beach ledgering rods may be telescopic or multi-piece, but all show a high sensitivity and a maximum casting weight within 130 grams, usually around 70-100 grams. Beach ledgering fishing rods are today technically advanced and capable of permit us covering long distances even using light weights, casting in search of gilthead, white, striped seabream and all the other precious prey of sea fishing.

Beach, dock, cliff fishing rods

Beach ledgering fishing rods are ideal for fishing from port docks, from natural and artificial reefs. The material with which the barrel is built is always carbon, even if the different designs realized by the manufacturers differ in the number of elements, the number and type of rings bonded on the blank, and sometimes also in the type of coupling between pieces. All rods tagged as "beach ledgering" of Pesca Fishing Shop have been selected for bottom fishing and apply to this fishing technique.

Offers on ledgering rods

We wish you find soon your fishing rod offer. Visiting each of the products on Pesca Fishing Shop, you can assess the technical features you are looking for and read a detailed description. In any case, if you need to clear a doubt about one or more fishing rods, ask us. Our task is to help you choose a fishing rod, and we are happy to do so. We will ship the fishing rod well packaged. The shipping will be fast. You can always count on us to let you know where your shipped stuff is, until the carrier delivers you your new fishing rod: the rod that will definitely give you pleasure and make you spend beautiful fishing trips with the technique you prefer.

Beach ledgering fishing rods

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