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Tubertini is the historical brand of the world inland fishing champion Gabriele Tubertini. Below are some hints to the history of the company in the province of Bologna. Know that you can ask us for advice on what to buy, and that on you can buy all the Tubertini equipment and we will send it to you quickly.

Tubertini company history - high quality

It is the distant 1971 when Gabriele Tubertini, a great lover of fishing, decides to make his hobby his job and together with his wife Milena open a shop for fishing articles in Bazzano, in the province of Bologna. Some friends "garisti" knowing his ability, convince him to approach the world of agonism by registering him in the S.P.S. Sasso Marconi.
Tubertini's bloodline showed it immediately, winning the individual Italian championship at his first participation and finishing second in the following year, as well as ringing an exciting series of results at a national and international level.
The trade magazines began in this way, to take an interest in the new champion assiduously making it famous and known by all the agonists with the nickname of the legendary Lele. Thanks to this fame and to the effective Tubertini pastes, produced personally, the store had a resounding increase in customers, to the point of not being able to satisfy all the requests. It was at this point that Lele decided, together with his friends Paolo Cavazza and Nerio Ballestri, to open a wholesale distribution.
It is the year 1975 when sport fishing begins its great evolution: it is the turning point between a generic and standardized market and the research, by the most advanced fishermen, of high quality products aimed at the various fishing systems. But the old distributors of fishing articles snubbed these new needs, it was then that Tubertini, already based on research and development, was able to guarantee an increasingly large slice of the market.
Over the years, the rapidly developing company increased its internal production, introducing new products and processes concerning: fishing rods, floats, groundbaits and monofilaments, investing in order to guarantee superior quality to the competition.
To date the philosophy of Lele has not changed and it is still true that the Tubertini brand will never be placed on a poor quality article.

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