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Headlamps and led torches for night vision. Led lights for outdoor sports and fishing, by best brands. Direct online shipping by top tackle store Pesca Fishing Shop

For a perfect night vision, headlamps, flashlights and all other LedLenser products are the best. The high-quality headlamps, in particular, allow you to have a flawless night vision always having your hands free, which is essential for people who practice outdoor activities such as sport fishing, but also jogging or climbing. It is also fundamental for camping, and a very useful accessory to keep in your car for any emergency.

Headlamps and flashlights for fishing and outdoor sports

Each headlamp we offer on Pesca Fishing Shop will be an essential tool for all carpfishing enthusiasts who spend nights near the bank waiting for fish to bite. In spinning, both freshwater and saltwater, one often walks with a rod in his hand, and having a powerful flashlight illuminating the ground will make our walk safer. In saltwater floatfishing, every rig must be done accurately and with very small hooks: a good headlamp will help us speed up the fishing action. In surfcasting, i.e. saltwater fishing off the beach, only a powerful headlamp with focusable beam allows to light the rod tips to detect fish bites. The use of retro-reflective materials on the tip ends of fishing rods is increasingly widespread but you cannot take advantage of it if you do not have a high-quality headlamp, as a LedLenser. These are only some of the ways to use headlamps for fishing.

LedLenser - leading brand in LED lighting and flashlights for outdoor activities

Each headlamp or pocket flashlight LedLenser you can buy on Pesca Fishing Shop is a high-quality product, always provided with its multilingual manual, wanted by the manufacturer, so that you can know and take advantage of all its functions. We want you to know that LedLenser is the leading brand in this type of product. This company started in 1994 in a garage, growing exponentially thanks to their ideas which can be counted in more than two hundred patents, including the probably most popular, called “Advanced Focus System”. Today, this giant has three manufacturing plants and more than thousand employees, especially focusing on customer service. So we let you discover and compare on our shop every model of headlamps and flashlights LedLenser, like the award-winning SEO series (incluiding the lightweight rechargeable SEO7R), NEO (very lightweight), H (including the award-winning H5 and H7R.2).

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