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Fishing Combo: buy fishing reels and rods kits. The online angling tackle store Pesca Fishing Shop helps you to buy at the lowest prices.

Combo” means fishing rod plus reel (or another association between fishing gears). A combo is a special offer that puts together a rod and a reel which are suitable to be combined with each other. If you want to buy rod and reel together, visit the “combo” category on Pesca Fishing Shop. Reel size, rod length or poundage are important factors to determine the best combinations. The fishing technique you want to practice is also important to know which rod and reel you need to fish well.

The best rod and reel for fishing

We want you to be happy with the combo (fishing rod and reel) you may buy, and we do our best to make rod and reel get faster and intact to your home. If the carrier damages your products, we guarantee you will be satisfied. We guarantee you can always count on us to find out if your combo has been already delivered and when you will receive it, because we want you to be happy when you buy some fishing tackle on Pesca Fishing Shop. Your shipment in Italy will always be for free. It is also right to mention the price a fishing rod and reel may have. Buying fishing rod and reel together, you will save money. Moreover, buying a combo you know you will receive the best combination of rod and reel for fishing well by the technique you prefer. Each combo of fishing articles is high-quality. Pesca Fishing Shop handles the best brands, characterized by the best value for money of each sport fishing item. Tubertini, PESCAFISHING, Surfitaly, Led Lenser, Alcedo: each of these brands is leader in its field. In addition to rod and reel, you can find combos of headlamps, technical clothing for fishing, and other items for fishing.

High-quality combos for the main fishing techniques

Combo par excellence, however, is a rod and reel combination: surfcasting combos, spinning combos, carp combos, ledgering combos, float-fishing combos, and so on for every fishing technique. We do our best to give you descriptions and technical data to allow you evaluate each combo and fishing item, to buy the rod-and-reel combo you need to fish at best. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions. If you are looking for some fishing article you cannot find on our website, call or write us at the address on the home page. We always reply (at the times indicated) to help you find what you want to buy. If this is not in stock, we'll make you a price quote and tell you when you will get it shipped home. We always remain at your disposal.

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