Fishing Lines (monofilament and braided)


Fishing lines: your lines for fishing

Fishing lines. Pesca Fishing Shop will allow you to buy all kinds of fishing lines: fluorocarbon, transparent nylon, colored nylon, fluorine, dyneema (braided lines). If you are looking for a fishing line you cannot find, please do not hesitate to contact us at the addresses on the home page. We will give you a quote and we will tell you when you will receive your fishing line at home. You can always choose. We want you to be always happy with the line you'll use for fishing, and we promise to make it arrive to your home with no additional cost of shipping in Italy. The minimum purchase of fishing line is 25 €.

Purchase fishing line for at least 25 € and shipping will always be free in Italy

Do not worry about anything because we always remain at disposal for you: we'll tell you when your fishing line is delivered and when you will receive it at your home. In case the carrier damages or loses your braided or fishing line, we guarantee you will be satisfied. This applies to any order: not only lines, but also rods, reels and other fishing articles on Pesca Fishing Shop. We do our best to describe in detail every fishing line that we put at your disposal, explaining its technical features, as well as providing the line diameters in detail. Knowing the characteristics of each of the fishing lines by Tubertini, PESCAFISHING, Alcedo, and other brands on sale, you can better understand if that fishing line is the best for a certain fishing technique. It means there are monofilaments that are better for spooling in e.g. surfcasting fishing, whereas others may be more suited to e.g. feeder fishing.

Lenze from coil and terminals: you choose what you want to fish with

Beyond the fishing technique, there are lines more suitable to be spooled in the reel, whereas other lines are more suited to the construction of fishing leaders. Do not hesitate to contact us, we remain at your disposal. And if you already know what your looking for, we will only care of your shipment, which will be safe and fast.

Fishing lines: your lines for fishing

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