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Fishing reels are essential tools for the search of the largest fish. Increasingly precise and equipped with technology, fishing reels are "machineries" necessary for fishing by nearly all fishing techniques in freshwater and saltwater, at any latitudes. Each technique and each fish requires a reel with suitable characteristics, namely size, weight, gear ratio, materials used for body, spool and gears. You cannot go spinning in a river or surfcasting at the seaside with the same fishing reel.

Specific reels for each fishing technique

If you aim to buy a high-quality fishing reel, we want you to be satisfied. We will do our best to give you satisfaction and we guarantee that we will delivery you reel perfectly packed. The shipment to Italy will always be free. You can always count on us to let you know where your shipped stuff is, until the carrier delivers you your new fishing reel. If there were any problem or damage during the shipment, we will do all the possible to make you satisfied. Combining a reel to a fishing rod it is not always easy. That is why we remain at your disposal: ask us if you any suggestions about which reel you may need. Please also take a look at our category "combo", especially created for the ones who want to buy a fishing rod paired with a reel. Depending on the fishing technique you prefer, you can choose all round reels, i.e. versatile reels which may be adapted to multiple fishing techniques: the best choice for the beginner angler who wants to try different fishing techniques without investing too much money by adding the price of e.g. a surfcasting reel to the price of a spinning reel, and so on.

Offers of fishing reels

It's always the right time to take advantage of a reel on offer on Pesca Fishing Shop, the fishing shop that allows you to buy fishing items characterized by the best value for money. We do our best to provide you all the technical details you need to choose your fishing reel: the size; line capacity; gear ratio; weight; number of bearings; how many spools are available in the box. These are just some of the features you can find for each reel and other products on Pesca Fishing Shop. Read, examine, compare them. The technical features of a reel are always important to understand its best use. So, if you want to fish at best you have to get the right fishing reel for your favourite fishing technique, such as surfcasting, feeder fishing, freshwater or saltwater spinning, float fishing, trolling, carpfishing, tuna fishing from the boat and other techniques. Right now you can find the best reel brands on offer on Pesca Fishing Shop. If you have any doubts about a reel’s technical features, call or write us at the address on the home page. We are here for you. We are responsible for the safe shipment of you reel, as well as for all the products you can buy. We want you to be happy with your reel and to have fun with great catches!


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