Turbo - Two Speed Reel Ryobi Tubertini Maximize

Turbo - Two Speed Reel Ryobi Tubertini

Turbo - Two Speed Reel is the fixed reel reel that has two recovery speeds. Powerful and reliable. It was developed by Ryobi and Tubertini

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99072** Tubertini

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Extremely powerful reel. Ryobi Turbo is revolutionary because thanks to its lever can be used at 2 different recovery speeds:

• "High Gear Ratio" (5.2: 1 - 125cm / rev) for a quick recovery of the line or prey

• "Low Gear Ratio" (2.9: 1 - 69cm / rev) for a fight with large prey such as tuna, sharks, torpedoes etc.


Made entirely of metalroyal material and totally sealed by special gaskets that make it absolutely waterproof.

Here are the technical characteristics indicated by the manufacturer:





brake power

gear ratio

line capacity



965 g


30lbs (15kg)

Low 2.9:1 / High 5,2:1

Ø 0,500/300 m


The Ryobi Turbo Tubertini mounts as many as 13 stainless steel ball bearings of which 2 on the clutch inside the coil. Amazing Max Drag Power of 15kg (30lbs) real.

In the images you can see the speed change lever that is positioned on the crank.

An exclusive Tubertini.