Float Reels

Float fishing reels: tested an reliable reels to fish with floats, both in freshwater and saltwater. Technical peculiarities and descriptions to know this Bolognese reels.

Which are the most suitable reels for the floatfishing rod? First of all it must be very clear what is floatfishing, a technique that had Italy as a teacher. Floatfishing is the art of using the float with fishing rod and reel. If floatfishing rods are usually long and nylon threads quite thin, the type of reel depends on both the fishing zone and the kind of fish you want to catch. Barbel, bream, chub, tench, gardon in freshwater and sea-bass, dassie (blacktail) gilthead in saltwater are only some of the typical fish, prey of floatfishing. According to both the size and the gear ratio, we’ll be able to choose a reel instead of another one. By our descriptions, pictures and technical peculiarities we wish to help you become acquainted with floatfishing reels, so that you will be able to compare them and purchase the best one. As we like you to enjoy the fishing rod and the reel bought on Pesca Fishing Shop, we have prepared for you the page: “Combo float fishing rod and reel”. On this page you can find the matchings that have thrilled us and we suggest that you should take them into consideration; that is floatfishing rod and reel, having suitable size and weight for being used together perfectly. Now it’s your turn. Have a good shopping at the on line shop Pesca Fishing Shop!

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