Boatfishing Reels

Boatfishing reels: the selection of Pesca Fishing Shop among the most reliable fixed and revolving spool reels of different sizes for fishing at sea.

For bottom fishing from a boat (in Italy called “bolentino”) at sea we mainly use fixed spool reels but also the revolving-spool (also called multipliers) are suitable. It will be both the type of bolentino fishing and the fishing area depth to suggest type and size of the reel that you have to use. On Pesca Fishing Shop you can find the selection of reels which will enable you to practice “bolentino” fishing. Each reel is accompanied by its technical description and the peculiarities that can help you choose the right one. All the items we insert into our website are reliable and tested. If you want to buy the bolentino fishing rod too, we suggest that you visit the page that we have created just for this reason: Combo Rod and Reel for boatfishing. You can find here fishing rod and reel perfectly going with each other, in other words offers for sale of a fishing rod with a reel, that can be used together perfectly. It could also be of use for you some spools of “Pesca Fishing transparent nylon super” for your bolentino fishing lines: you may order them together with the main fishing tackle, in order to get them with no shipping charges. If you have any doubts or you need to ask us for advice about “bolentino” boatfishing reels, don’t hesitate to contact us, by writing to

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