Front drag Reels

Fishing Reels with front drag

Front-drag fishing reels are fixed-spool reels with the drag knob upon the spool. Today front drag fishing reels are the most common and are used for most fishing techniques.

Fixed-spool reels with front drag

In front-drag reels the drag plates are inserted inside the spool and are pressed by the circular knob that turns on the spindle thread, the same that drives the spool up and down as we turn the handle. Every reel you can find on Pesca Fishing Shop goes with its description and its technical characteristics that will help you choose the best reel for you. If, in addition to the size and gear ratio, there were any missing info you may need or you would like to know, please do not hesitate to contact us at We want you to be able to figure out if the fixed-spool reel you're looking at, is the reel that will make you catch a nice fish. We will ship the fishing reel well packaged. The shipping will be fast. You can always count on us to let you know where your shipped stuff is, until the carrier delivers you your new fishing reel: the reel that will definitely give you pleasure and make you spend beautiful fishing trips with the technique you prefer.

Fishing reels with front drag

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