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Everol fishing reels

If you are looking for powerful reels with rotating reels you must know that Everol is the Italian company that builds them since 1958, when the founding members set out to provide the fishermen with the tools to hunt down bluefin tuna. giant, king of the Mediterranean.

The two partners, the lawyer Elio VeroliElio Veroli (from which the acronym Everol derives) and the current partner Gianni Sganzerla Gianni Sganzerla, have launched a very interesting and ambitious challenge. Over the years, they invented and first patented the lever-drive system with multiple discs, now commonly used and appreciated.

Another invention Everol was the multi-speed reel. He thinks that while the other brands were reeling in a single relationship, Everol had already sold one that had three speeds. We say this to make you understand what level of passion and expertise this Italian factory has, representing the "made in" taly "of high prestige.

Everol reels certainly offer the kind of value and performance required by those who fish at sea in search of large fish. At we will send the reels you need quickly to your home. The choice is yours.

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