Lure Spinning Reels

On this section you will find spinning reels. We have prepared for you a selection of spinning reels having a supported reliability, just tested for lure fishing, searching for the most desired predatory fish with artificial baits, both in freshwater and in saltwater, e.g. trout and pike in freshwater or seabass and bluefish in saltwater, just to mention some of them.

Spinning reels: what are they characterized by? A reel for lure fishing is probably one of the most stressed reels in the fishing world, as they are continuously engaged in casting and retrieving. It never happens in other fishing techniques (e.g. carpfishing, trolling, etc.) that a reel works so hard for two hours, if our fishing action lasts two hours. In spinning on the contrary the artificial bait must be continuously in motion. It is us who make it seem to be alive, by giving it a typical movement with both fishing rod and reel. Starting from this consideration, that may appear elementary, we understand why a good reel can let us have wonderful feelings, while fishing. The selection of reels you can find on this section of Pesca Fishing Shop, contains the spinning reels. These are fixed-spool reels. Otherwise, if you prefer to buy a spinning reel, that is a revolving spool one, often used for bass fishing, visit the section “baitcasting reels”. Among the “spinning” reels, you can find front-drag (more common) and rear-drag reels. Some anglers keep on preferring the second ones, mainly in rivers and lakes. Each “spinning” reel, which we suggest to you, is made by one of the houses we cooperate with; therefore as serious partner who carefully tests his reels. You could also be interested to visit the section “Spinning rods”. Besides if you need to buy both the spinning fishing rod and the spinning reel, visit the page “combo kit canna e mulinello da pesca spinning”, that we have created just to make your purchase choice easier. On this page you will find the fishing rod and reel matching, ready to get into your shopping trolley. Every matching has been arranged for fishing rod and reel to go perfectly with each other and to be particularly suitable for a specific spinning technique. If you have to buy both fishing rod and reel to tempt a certain fish with the artificial bait (e.g. sea-bass, pike and so on), this is the right page.

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