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Concept Power 5000L Ryobi Tubertini

Concept Power 5000L Ryobi Tubertini: Very powerful and reliable reel. 25 pounds drag power. Ratio 4,9:1 - 106 cm. Put it in your cart

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Very powerful and reliable reel. The Concept Power 5000L Ryobi Tubertini born from the development of another ryobi, the legendary Metalroyal Fishing Safari.

The Concept Power 5000L, however, weighs less than the Safari.

These are his essential technical skills: power of the clutch of 25 pounds (power drag); 6 bearings;

We emphasize the presence of the exclusive system "FS Drag System" with dual adjustment of the clutch, which is made with nine steel disks alternating with three carbon discs in order to obtain the total zeroing of the clutch.

Compared to the previous "Safari" version, in this model Tubertini removed the anti-return lever. This lever was a useless surplus, and also risky when confronted with large fish such as tuna, amberjack, but also torpedoes and sturgeons in inland waters.

All these aspects make the Concept Power a reel with extreme resistance and reliability.

Technical features:

weight ball bearings brake strenght gear ratio spool capacity
750 g 7 25lb (12kg) 4,9:1 - 106 cm Ø 0,33 - 400 m


Watch a trolling and lure fishing video in which Concept Power 5000L Ryobi Tubertini are used:



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