List of products by supplier: Alcedo

Alcedo fishing tackles: reels and rods for all types of fishing

Alcedo is the best known brand of Italia Fishing. The company is internationally known for the fishing equipment it produces. We at are ready to send them to your home quickly and at the best price. Create your account now and do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.

History of Italia Fishing: producer of Alcedo, Allux, Dip

Since, 13 years ago, the company was born from the visionary enthusiasm of managers from the international experience and champions at the top of European agonism, we have brought our brands to the world: the prestigious ALLUX, synonymous with cutting-edge technology and the obsessive attention to detail, with which we launched our global challenge to the great Japanese and American companies, the ALCEDO historian, which we brought to the world attention after almost 30 years of abandonment and oblivion, the concrete and reassuring DIP, who wants offer everyone the pleasure of fishing with professional and high quality tools without having to spend a fortune.

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