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KODEN marine electronics and echosounders for fishing

The origins of Koden and "Radio Direction Finders"

Dr. Yoji Ito, engineer and captain of the forme Japanese Imperial Navy, founded Koden Electronics in 1947 to give his contribution to the world through the skills he got during his naval experience. After world war II, in a time in which Japanese people were short on everything, and especially on food, Koden’s unique radio direction finders were totally innovative devices, able to increase catch and make navigation safe at the same time, giving a fundamental impulse to the development of the Japanese fishing industry.

Marine electronic devices and echosounders for fishing

Koden’s technical innovation consisted in introducing modern transistors, integrated circuits, computers and also color visualization in its products. In a brief time, Koden company released a huge amount of devices ahead of any competitors. It was the beginning of a new era of marine electronic products. Among these were found: CRT-type automatic radio direction finder; Loran A receiver; synchronized sonar; the first color echo sounder and marine radar; and the Loran C receiver, well-known on the Japanese and USA markets. Koden products are appreciated all over the world. Koden company received public grants and prizes for their technological achievements.

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