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Fishing Rod Tuna Strike Saltwater Spinning Blitz 270 XP

Fishing rod for big catch on spinning reel

Rod PESCAFISHING Tuna Strike Saltwater Spinning Blitz 270 XP

Fishing rod Tuna Strike Saltwater Spinning Blitz for big catch with tunas

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Fishing rod for big catch on spinning reel

Extra-strong spinning rod for tuna and large predatory fish like wels catfish. This rod was created to catch large pelagic fish, like tuna and albacore, when they feed on baitfish breaking the surface. 

Spinning rod for tuna lure fishing

New-generation fishing rod, made of the best carbon fibers of Japanese origin, following an italian project aiming to the best mechanical performance and action, to enjoy fishing to the fullest!

Extra-strong spinning rod

Tuna Strike 270 XP by PESCAFISHING is a 9’ (2,70 m) fishing rod in two sections. Created to improve lure fishing aiming to large fish like bluefin tuna, more and more abundant in the Mediterranean Sea in these years, sometimes very close to the shore. Nothing is left to chance in Tuna Strike 270 XP. Besides having a reinforced junction between the two sections, the guides are double-bridge with Silicon Carbide (SiC) rings, the best for using braided line. Protected by a rubber cover, a cross-cut aluminum gimbal butt permits to use Tuna Strike 270 XP with a gimbal belt during the hardest fights with large tunas and catfish. All this leads to an impressive work load, up to 13 kilograms. By purchasing this product from our shop you can choose the secured payment method you prefer. Your shipment will be swift and traceable. We ship towards all European countries.

Spinning rod for tuna fishing

  • Lenght 2,70m
  • Casting weight 220g
  • Optimal range 25-150g
  • Sections 2
  • Closed 173cm
  • Rings type SiC
  • Rings number 7
  • Reel seat Métal

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