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Sea Born Trolling Tubertini

Sea Born Trolling Tubertini: rod for trolling. Thin, light, reliable. SiC rings, with oval profile. Aluminum reel seat. Put it in your cart

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Thin profile for the new Sea Born Trolling Tubertini, a trolling rod, light, reliable and characterized by a very progressive and uniform load curve.

This trolling rod is equipped with top quality components:

  • SiC rings with oval profile;
  • reel seat and cruise in anodised aluminum;
  • handle in "hard" non-deformable EVA.

The finish is very elegant and worthy of a first class.

Buy the models you need now. You will receive the Sea Born Tubertini as you see them, and pack them carefully.
We will be available to follow the shipment with you.

Technical characteristics of this series of Tubertini rods:

code lenght sections closed range
03639** 2,10 m 2 150 cm 6 lb
03686** 2,10 m 2 150 cm 8 lb
03687** 2,10 m 2 150 cm 12 lb
03688** 2,10 m 2 150 cm 20 lb
03689** 2,10 m 2 150 cm 30 lb


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