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Carnage Trout Tubertini

Carnage Trout Tubertini: very reactive and robust telescopic rods, thanks to the radial reinforcement in carbon wire. Developed for trout fishing in a stream

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Series of highly reactive and sturdy telescopic rod, with the introduction of a radial reinforcing carbon yarn, developed for river trout fi shing.

Carnage Trout Tubertini are equipped with blocks for adjusting the length (one for 5m, two for 6m, three for 7m), strong rings with SiC stone and the handle is in Light Rubber for a secure and comfortable grip.


codice misura diametro peso sezioni ingombro
02826** 5,00 m 22,00 mm 258 g 5 122 cm
02827** 6,00 m 26,00 mm 376 g 6 125 cm
02828** 7,00 m 28,50 mm 491 g 7 128 cm