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C8 Erre Pole Tubertini

Erre Pole is the new 13 meter Tubertini roubaisienne. Most prestigious fishing rod among the novelties 2019

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Already available to buy online! This is the fantastic new 13 meter Erre Pole roubaisienne.

Let's talk about a beautiful roubaisienne cane complete with mini-extension and the new Erre Tubertini 2019 kit.


Each element was made of R18 carbon, lightened due to the low resin content and a system patented by the Italian company Tubertini who informed us that he had made a further evolutionary step.


Strengths of the Erre Pole Tubertini:

• Diameter reduction

• Increased resistance

• Weight containment

• New 2019 design

• Material use R18


This prestigious 2019 novelty is probably among the most anticipated Tubertini shot fishing rods of the new competitive season.

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