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This Tubertini rod is designed for racing shot fishing. A constructive detail that has unveiled the company at the time of the presentation of this roubaisienne is this: "Competition - R is born from the same light-R and Carp Light-R stamps but it differs for construction details that make it lighter than the 2 "sisters.

Tubertini Competition - R is an exceptional meeting point between the words "ultralight" and "reliable".


Strengths of the Competiton - R Tubertini are:

• Stiffness necessary to give speed

• Length 13 meters

• Excellent balance to be fun

• Use of the R18 Tubertini material

• Resistance to the stresses of use in fishing


Technical characteristics of your new roubaisienne:









Competition - R (no kit)

13,00 m

43 mm

846 g


184 cm


As with all Tubertini equipment, delivery takes place in about ten days and we are always available to inform you about the status of your order.

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