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Gibilterra Surfitaly

Gibilterra Surfitaly is a three sections surf casting rod. Very reliable and heavy duty, available in lengths of 4.20 and 4.50 meters. Fuji K Alconite rings

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Three sections surf casting rod, very reliable and heavy duty. Gibilterra is available in lengths of 4.20 and 4.50 meters.

Capable of cast weights up to 200 grams, with optimal performance with 150 grams weight, even if it operates perfectly all weights from 100 grams to rise.


The shaft is hard and powerful, because of the CRR Carbon used for its realization. The particular elastic response, fast and precise, is able to increase casting distance. The solid carbon tip offers an excellent sensitivity.

The ringing in original Fuji Alconite K series is, once again, a guarantee of high quality and high reliability. Definitely the rod suitable for anyone seeking equipments with high level technical peculiarities.

Model Weight Handle diameter Max cast Optimal range Sections Closed Rings Reel seat
4,20 m 536g 21mm 200g 100-175g 3 147cm 8 Fuji K Alconite Fuji 
  • Weight 560g
  • Lenght 4,20mt
  • Diameter handle 21mm
  • Casting weight 200g
  • Optimal range 100-175g
  • Sections 3
  • Closed 147cm
  • Rings type Fuji Serie K Alconite
  • Rings number 9
  • Reel seat long nut grafite

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