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Viral Ryobi Tubertini

Viral Ryobi Tubertini: spinning fishing reel, feeder, English. Dimensions from 1000 to 6000. Excellent quality / price ratio. Put it now in your cart

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Viral Ryobi Tubertini fishing reel: spinning reel, feeder, streetfishing, bolognese and other techniques. Excellent value for money.

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The latest generation of reels made entirely of NCRT, the innovative ultra light Tubertini material composed of carbon with titanium injection that reduces the overall weight of the reels by 25%, and increases the rigidity of the body and the rotor, favoring a less wear on the internal mechanical parts.

Extremely fluid and precise in the recovery, thanks to the 6 internal bearings, the VIRAL of Tubertini are suitable both for fishing in inland waters and in the sea, thanks to the resistance of NCRT to corrosion and salinity.

Viral Ryobi Tubertini series features:

code model weight ball bearings drag gear ratio spool capacity
99350** 1000 - Med. Spool 243 g 5+1 5lb (2,5kg) 5,1:1 Ø 0,250/85 m
99351** 2000 - Med. Spool 245 g 5+1 5lb (2,5kg) 5,1:1 Ø 0,250/105 m
99352** 3000 - Match spool 282 g 5+1 10lb (5kg) 5,0:1 Ø 0,180/150 m
99353** 4000 - Match spool 284 g 5+1 10lb (5kg) 5,0:1 Ø 0,180/180 m
99354** 5000 - Match spool 297 g 5+1 10lb (5kg) 5,0:1 Ø 0,200/160 m
99355** 6000 - Match spool 299 g 5+1 10lb (5kg) 5,0:1 Ø 0,200/200 m



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